Responsability and federalism

The survey was promoted and carried out in the framework of of the Regional Observatory on Federalism and Public Finances, instituted by Unioncamere del Veneto and the Veneto Legislative Assembly with the contribution of the Department for Economic and Institutional Policies of Veneto’s Regional Government. The aim is to provide some figures and clues for discussion upon the application of the Law 42/2009 regarding Fiscal Federalism starting from the knowlegdes and experiences of some public and private subjects. Just immediately after the Law’s approval, the research gives a picture of news and ambitions which are objective of the Reform and if defined on time, they could deeply change the structure of the Italian finance and the entire public and private system. We can consider the Law 42 a real turning point in our Legislation. It has drawn on some of the proposals moved in the previous researches to speed up the Federalism implementation in Italy. Now the politics who have won the recent election are required to demonster a major responsibility both in the management and in the issue of the different orders based on the actual efficiency demonstered by the Public Administrations.